Hi! My Name Is Apollo

We're happy to tell you that Apollo has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the cats currently available.

I’m a keeper: Handsome, sensitive, adventurous, a real jokester and a very loving rag doll! I am smarter than the average bear, I figure out toys quickly & I’ll show off my tricks for attention. I have playful energy that I’d like to share with interactive companions and toys. In human terms: I’m a hiker, biker and hammock snuggler. My favorite game is I hide, Others seek and I Surprise everyone by popping out nearby (hahah that’s the best). I’m clever & figure things out quickly- teach me some new tricks!! I am Velcro baby when we play together, we stay together!
I am good with kids, cats & dogs (with proper & patient introductions of course).

Apollo is a sweet, adventurous boy who turns into a limp rag doll when you love on him.

First Impressions Matter: I’m tiny, so at first I might hiss or hide when introduced to new things. I’m just scared, that’s my natural defense to keep me safe until I know the environment, pets and people are friends not foe. I’m just a baby, love me!

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