Hi! My Name Is Elsie

We're happy to tell you that Elsie has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the cats currently available.

Have you ever wished you could have a kitten that was half cat and half cow?  Well, we have the kitten for you!  Meet Elsie!  Elsie is THE sweetest cowgirl kitten with lots of spunk but also lots of love!  This girl is all play and no business.  Most days you can find Elsie chasing her brother, climbing cat trees and exploring the house.  Are you worried about this tiny thing getting lost on her explorations?  Don’t be!  Elsie is resourceful and will SCREAM out to you until you help her find the way back to home base.  Elise can turn just about anything into a toy, but her current favorites are colorful springs and anything that dangles from the sky!

As most cows do, Elsie feels strongly about food.  When meal time rolls around, Elsie will loudly meow until she’s served.  She loves wet kitten food, but the true key to her heart is a fresh kitten gogurt.  No plate needed - she’ll eat it straight from the package!  Once her belly is full and she’s all played out, you can find Elsie in 1 of 2 places — either completely crashed out on the floor mid-play or curled up on your chest for some solid snuggles.  This girl makes intense eye contact while gently touching your face with her paws and purring loudly.  She loves to be with her human and will likely jump at an opportunity to snuggle in bed all night long!

Elsie has been around an unrelenting golden retriever puppy and handles space with him well.  She also navigates adult cats and children of all ages like a pro.  Elsie will be available for adoption after 8/20.

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