Hi! My Name Is Fred

We're happy to tell you that Fred has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the cats currently available.

Meet Fred!  Fred is the cutest, most affectionate kitten you’ll ever meet.  This boy is probably not the brightest lightbulb, but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in heart.  Fred is a LOVER.  While Fred likes to play, he will usually choose his human over anything else.  Where you go, Fred goes.  He’s great at supervising and takes his job very seriously.  Fred also loves to climb the cat tree, wrestle with his sister and explore the house.  He is very brave and while he may act before he thinks, he currently still has all 9 lives!

Fred needs nothing more said of him except you’re not going to find a softer kitten.  This guy’s fur is THE softest and silkiest…and he knows it!  Fred jumps on any opportunity to receive pets would prefer you never stop.  He is happiest when cradled like a baby or snuggled up on your chest.  Given the chance to sleep in bed with you, he’ll be there, no questions asked.  Your love and snuggles never go unacknowledged, though — Fred will purr loudly and nuzzle you with his nose to show his great appreciation.

Fred has been raised around an unrelenting golden retriever puppy and incorrigible adult cat.  He handles both of these like a champ and lets no one nor thing affect his positive attitude.  Fred has also been around children of all ages and will be available for adoption after 8/20.

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