Hi! My Name Is Gonzo

We're happy to tell you that Gonzo has a new furever home.
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Introducing my sweet little hook-footed tailless wonder, Gonzo. This darling little dude was born without a tail because the last few vertebrae and spinal segments didn't develop normally in utero (called Manx Syndrome), and his left front paw is hook-shaped. Gonzo's unique looks just make him all the cuter! He's looking for the purrfect family to call his own. Despite having a "lucky foot", Gonzo has no problem chasing toys, climbing up his cat tree, and using his litterbox. He LOVES companionship & will thrive in a home where he has a buddy, whether they be another *gentle* feline or a human who is home most of the time.

Extra Info about Manx Syndrome (MS): Some kitties with MS eventually develop incontinence and/or hind-end mobility issues. Keeping MS kitties on a really good quality diet is very important to prevent these issues. It's unknowable if Gonzo will ever experience these issues, but if he does, there are great resources available for MS pet owners. There are some excellent groups here on Facebook dedicated to Felines with Manx Syndrome. These groups have expert members who have a wealth of experience, tips, and knowledge they share, as well being a great community of fellow MS kitty owners to share pics, videos, and support.

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