Hi! My Name Is Mallory

We're happy to tell you that Mallory has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the cats currently available.

Mallory is a loving and playful diluted calico who is the sweetest kitten! This girl hasn’t met a stranger. Mallory is happy to play alone or with her sister, and particularly loves to chase her toy mice and puff balls across the floor. Mallory is also quite the explorer and is often off in search of greater things. However once she realizes she’s alone, she’ll meow until you help her find her way back to you! Mallory is always down for a meal and will be a satisfied customer when you offer her kitten treats. 

Malory’s nickname is “noodle” because she is exactly that - a wet noodle! Mallory goes completely limp and melts into your arms when you pick her up. She lovesssss to be loved on and is happy to curl up in your lap to snuggle. When cradled like a newborn baby, Mallory will gaze lovingly into your eyes while purring and making “air biscuits”.  This girl is ALL IN when it comes to receiving love. 

Mallory has been around an adult cat and large golden retriever puppy. While she remains a bit skeptical of these two, she’s getting braver every day. Mallory also does well with children of all ages. 

Mallory will be available for adoption after 6/23/23. Applications are currently being accepted. 

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