Hi! My Name Is Ross

We're happy to tell you that Ross has a new furever home.
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Meet Ross!Ross is a friendly, active guy who loves to be involved in all the happenings at his house. Ross’s “go with the flow” personality suits him well for playing with his friends, chasing toys or just hanging out with his people. His two favorite things are batting colored toy springs across the floor and stalking his friends. As he’s gotten older, he has really enjoyed snuggling up with his person and being told how handsome he is.Ross loves to eat and one of his favorite treats is whipped cream. At nap time, you can find him snuggled up with one of his siblings or passed out on the electric blanket. However, Ross’s passion in life is the “poop police” and he takes his job VERY seriously!  If he hears you cleaning his litter box (and he will), he’s right there to supervise the entire process and ensure it’s done to his standards. And of course, he is the first to use it after a cleaning - quality control!Ross has been around children, an adult cat and a large golden retriever making him perfect for any home!Ross likely has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, or CH. CH is a congenital, neurological disorder in which the part of the brain that controls coordination, spatial awareness and fine motor skills fails to develop completely. The cause of this condition remains generally unknown, however it is thought to be a result of the mother experiencing an event while pregnant, thereby affecting the brain growth of the kittens in the womb. While it is life long, CH is neither progressive nor painful, and most kittens can live very normal lives.Ross’s CH symptoms appear to be mild - his back legs can be a little uncoordinated when he’s walking and he sometimes loses his balance, but this does not stop him! Ross can run and play like other kittens. He can climb up on the couch and can use the litter box without any issues. His funny little walk adds to his happy personality and on most days, you’d never even know he was affected by CH! Ross should require little, if any, environmental modifications to help him live a happy and healthy life.

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