Hi! My Name Is Trixie

We're happy to tell you that Trixie has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the cats currently available.

This is my darling foster baby, Trixie. She is officially available for adoption through Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance. Trixie is a "wobbly cat" which means she was born with Cerebellar Hypoplaysia (aka CH). This is a neurological condition where the cerebellum didn't develop normally and that results in the wobbly way she moves. Cerebellar Hypoplaysia isn't curable, but it isn't painful and the condition isn't progressive. As she grows muscle strength, her walking has improved somewhat. She doesn't let CH slow her down. She is able to use the litterbox on her own, without any assistance. She's able to eat on her own, without any assistance. Yes, she sometimes falls over into her food bowl, but she has impressive grooming skills and works hard at maintaining her beautifully silky smooth coat. She's friendly and playful with other friendly (and gentle) kitties and doggies. She LOVES humans. Trixie will do well in a home where certain small accommodations can be made to ensure her safety. If you are interested in adopting her, go to

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