Hi! My Name Is Vanilli

We're happy to tell you that Vanilli has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the cats currently available.
Meet Vanilli!  Now, don’t be too quick to judge this girl’s name…she is a part of a cute, tabby sister duo, Milli and Vanilli!  Vanilli is tiny in size but has a BIG personality. She LOVES to play and explore.  You can usually find Vanilli wrestling with Milli, running as fast as she can through the house or entertaining herself with toys.  She is very interested in being where her humans are and will often snuggle beside you when she’s ready for a nap. Vanilli will purr when you pet her or scratch her neck.
Vanilli prefers dry food to her canned food which makes her an easy keeper, but she definitely won’t miss an opportunity to lick up some whipped cream or kitten gogurt as a treat.  If you can’t find Vanilli, she is likely sleeping under the couch - this girl likes the cramped, dark places!  Vanilli has been in a home with an adult cat and large golden retriever.  While she is still a little uncertain of the dog, Vanilli has been VERY brave and often tries to put the adult cat in her place!  Vanilli has also been around children of all ages, making her perfect for any family.

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